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E Twow Booster Electric Scooter Review 2020

Do you feel irritated with the cars that stuck in traffic, trains which do not reach the destination at right time, Motor bikes which emit smoke etc? Then, get the best Electric Scooter for Adult i.e, E Twow Booster Electric Scooter. It is the best worlds Premiere Adult Electric scooter which is manufactured by E-Twow.

This self Balancing electric scooter is not only a vehicle but also it can be used to have a fun ride on the streets with your friends. Twow Electric booster Scooters, an electric kick scooter adds you more fun to your transportation along with high speed. Moreover, you can also burn calories to become fit with just a ride on  E TWOW S2 Booster.

E-Twow Booster S2 Scooter for Sale

 If you are looking for the Best Electric Scooter for Adults street legal then the ETWOW will be the best choice for you to have a nice comfortable ride. It is so convenient to travel both long and short distances. The electric scooter bikes for adults are portable and light weight foldable which is designed with the most advanced technology i.e, integrated Kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). It does not require any gasoline to run the vehicle, just runs on the efficient battery.

Comming to the Overall weight, the Etwow electric scooter weighs about 10.9 kg and the dimensions are 1020*1160*380 mm. The E twow S2 Booster electric scooter recommended age is 13+. Most interesting feature is the cruise control which allows you to set and maintain a constant speed. If you set the cruise control it automatically begins. The control is not activated by default you need to set it.  

E Twow Best Electric Scooter For Adults

The Twow Electric kick Scooter is light weight foldable, cruise control and high-performance electric scooter with zero start option. It has a regenerative braking system. You can travel at a maximum operating speed of 18 MPH. It has a rear and front light along with a magnetic patented rechargeable braking system. E TWOW electric scooter comes with a digital display which displays Battery life, speedometer, temperature etc. All the E scooters from the ETWOW/ Uscooters are designed with the Kinetic Energy recovery system (KERS) which is the most advanced e-scooter technology.

The KERS is the Kinetic energy which is created when you ride and it is stored in the battery and it is used later. It makes the electric scooter for adults more energy efficient. The other awesome feature is zero start feature which ensures the safe ride. This is very useful when you touch the accelerator accidentally and it won’t start the scooter.

uscooter booster FEATURES

  • Motor, Wheels, and Brakes
  • Speed
  • Battery
  • Other Features

As the major part of the scooter, electric is the motor, you must know about the motor specifications. The E-TWOW Fastest electric scooter for adults has a highly efficient motor which 500 W DC brushless motor. The E Twow Booster Electric Scooter brakes are Electromagnetic and its power-offs the scooter when you apply it. If you apply the more pressure the more will be the braking force. The mechanic brake activates the sensor which stops the front wheel.

The electric scooter operating speed is the most important feature you need to check. The maximum speed of the electric scooter is 30KM/Hr. With this speed, you can reach your destination in a very short period. With a single charge, you can go between 10 and 13 miles. This might not be much speed for some but will be good for people with a heavyweight. Moreover, you can ride on to the shallow hills which takes roughly a quarter of the time.

The ETWOW 2S Electric Scooter battery has a high powerful lithium polymer battery which can be recharged for 500 – 1000 times. Before your first ride, you must charge the battery fully. You can charge the E Twow battery at any point and it is advisable to charge as much as possible. The electric scooter comes with a dedicated charger which will automatically stop charging when it is completely charged.

  • Weight: The E Twow Booster Electric Scooter has a maximum rider weight of about 250 lbs and the ETWOW electric scooter weight is 10.8 Kg.
  • Warranty: You can get a warranty for a period of 12 years and E Twow Booster S2 Electric Scooter repairs for free maintenance.
  • Folding: You can easily fold it and carry it anywhere with you. Not only folding, but you can also unfold it very quickly.


Specification Name Value
Electric Scooter
Available Colors
White, Green, Grey, Black, Purple, Red
Maximum Speed
Wind Speed
10 KM/H
Maximum Load
125 kgs
Maximum Output Torque
15 Nm
Folding Function
Foldable Electric Scooter
Double Braking function
Rare and Front wheel
Shock Absorber
Front/ Rare
LED light sensor

Safety Measure to Ride E Twow S2 Booster Electric Scooter

  • The e-TWOW electric motor scooters are only for adults above 18 years and it is not suitable for minors.
  • Two adults must not travel at a time.
  • To reduce the injury risk you must properly inspect the scooter and its maintenance.
  • It’s better to wear a helmet to protect yourself when riding.
  • Do not ride on traffic roads and uneven surfaces.
  • Better not to ride until you have a good control on the scooter.
  • Do not perform the dangerous actions on Scooter.
  • Maximum speed is only 30km/h and it is recommended not to exceed a speed of 20km/h.
  • You must not use at a temperature below 0 degrees temperature.
  • When you go on unconditioned roads go slow.
  • Keep electric scooter board properly.
  • Do not ride on icy or oily surfaces.
  • Just adjust the handle bar and seat to ensure a safe ride.
  • Don’t drink alcohol when you ride on E-TWOW scooter.

Booster Electric Scooter Parts

  • Handle Bar.
  • Display.
  • LED Headlight.
  • Hooter.
  • Lock Lever.
  • Folding Hook.
  • Battery charging jack.
  • Folding Lever.
  • Folding Axel.
  • Rear Brake.


  • Highly efficient motor
  • Heavyweight
  • High powerful lithium polymer batter


  • Light and easy to use
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System
  • Cruise Control
  • To ensure fast and powerful speed it has Maximum Speed of 30Km/h
  • Zero start function
  • Less charging time
  • Automatic lighting sensor i.e, LED light sensor


  • Everyone above 13 years can use the electric scooters
  • Double folding Handlebars

Bottom Line

The E Twow is a portable and energy efficient, fast electric scooter for adults which is mainly designed for the teenagers and adults. The KERS and the Cruise technology is not available in many of the electric motor scooters. So, if you wish to buy an Adult electric scooter then the ETWOW S2 Booster Electric scooter is the best choice for you. We hope this article will be helpful for you to have a clear idea about the E Twow Booster Electric Scooter specs, features, price etc. 

Overall, E Twow Booster Electric Scooter is the best lightweight and foldable electric scooter which satisfies all your transportation needs. This is not only portable but it is also fast and comfortable for the riders (kids and adults).

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