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Epikgo HoverBoard Review 2020

Go Safer, Higher with Epikgo HoverBoard which is the best Self-Balancing scooter. The traditional hoverboard with wheels is suitable for riding on the smooth and flat areas only. But the New generation Epikgo Hover Board is designed with the most awesome outlook and tremendous features. The Epikgo Self-Balancing electric scooter is more versatile and suitable for the both off road and all terrains.

At present, the Epikgo Hoverboard is the new model in the market and it is currently one of the best personal transportation which is affordable and portable. Most of the common drawbacks of the previous generation Hoverboards are eliminated by this EPIKGO self-balancing two-wheel scooters. Moreover, it is robust, powerful, larger, safest Hover boards available today. If you are planning to own the best hoverboards than check out the Epikgo electric self Balancing scooter Review, Features, Specs etc. The latest Epik Go hoverboard for sale @

The Epikgo Two wheel self Balancing Electric Scooter is an off road Hoverboard with the innovative design specs and features. It is one of the completely safe and best Hoverboards for sale which is UL 2272 certified. After you ride on the EPIKGO Hoverboard you can figure that it is really interesting and cheap Hoverboard which is light weight and portable. The EpikGo is the new to the Hoverboard world and it will definitely catch your eye.

EpikGo is the reliable self Balancing boards that have the UL certifications. It has a dual motor which is suitable to run on the terrain areas smoothly. The EPIKGO classic model is the leading all terrain Hover Boards category. The Hoverboards is perfect for both kids and students which include the excellent entertainment feature with its Bluetooth speakers. Scroll down this page, check the hoverboard price, Self Balance electric scooter reviews and specs etc.

Epikgo HoverBoard Reviews

Before you buy the EpikGo Hoverboard Self balancing electric scooter lets discuss, about the are hoverboards safe, how much are hoverboards and other common doubts which you commonly arise on your mind. Offcourse, the Hover boards are easy to ride by any individual and it adds extra fun along with the transportation. The self Balancing electric scooters can take you across all terrains with the blazing speed. The Epil Go Hoverboard is powered by the LG smart battery.

The EPIK GO Board is UL 2272 certified which passed 159 safety regulation tests. As it is certified there will be no hoverboard fire like Potential fire hazards. EPIKGO has the efficient power and it runs on 400 Watt motor which helps to climb steep slopes at 18 degrees. On a single charge of the Hover board, you can easily travel 10 miles on the powerful balance board. Its tires are made up of solid rubber material which is suitable for all terrains.  With its fast charging technology, it has become the most sophisticated Hover board. It is more durable and you can travel through mud, grass, sand, and dirt.


  • Motor and Battery
  • Speed and Durable Design
  • Alloy Wheels and Tires
  • Safety Pinnacle and Comfort

Self-Balancing 2 wheel scooters come with a powerful 400 Watt dual motor which ensures the long life of the Hoverboard. The motor is 80% more efficient than any other 2 wheel self-balancing electric scooters. It is built with the LG Smart battery which helps to hover through the tough and uneven road conditions. With 2 hours charge, the battery will completely charge.

The top speed range is 10 miles, which is good enough to travel from home to workplace, indoor areas, universities, etc. It is 2 times more powerful and larger than any other leading companies. It is the sturdy design which increases the durability and enhances the riding experience. EpikGo Hoverboard is built with the durable ABS body chassis. The well-designed frame is completely free from scratches. Ride faster and charge less. The standard range is up to 12 miles. However, the normal range is 10 MPH.

To ensure the comfortable ride on the terrain areas the wheels are made of Alloy material. The large wheels size is about 8.5″. These are completely water-resistant and the solid rating is IP56. It is so easy to travel on the mud and sand also. indestructible aluminum fender wheels. It contributes to top performance on all road conditions and weathers. You can confidently ride through dirt and grass.

The EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter with Hover self Balance board is highly safe. The main consideration is safety, the EPIKGo Hoverboard is 100% certified for safety.  It has high standards of safety. It has the larger footpads which increase the stability and makes you easy to control and operate. It has a bright and safer LED’s, illuminated rear blinkers. You can use the High-intensity headlights when you travel during night time.


Specification Name Value
Eipkgo Self Balancing Scooter (Classic Series)
Item model number
Classic Series
Product Dimensions
23 x 7.5 x 7 inches
30 pounds
Elite Silver, Space Grey, Rose Gold
1 Year
Input Voltage
100-240 volts
Turning Radius
0 Degree
Climbing Radius
18 Degree
Epikgo Hoverboard weight limit
240 lbs (100kg)
Minimum Rider Weight
44 lbs (20 kg)
Battery Charge Time
1-2 Hours
Product Size
23Wx9.5Hx8.5d (inches)

Epikgo Self Balancing Scooter Features – Real Hoverboard

  • You can Hover Smoothly over all terrains.
  • Accelerates quickly.
  • Travel 10 miles on a single charge.
  • Reach your destination safely and quickly.
  • UL2272 certified.
  • Bigger, Faster and Better.


  • Aluminum Alloy Body Frame Assures Durability
  • Dual Motors
  • More stable ride
  • Fast charging technology


  • Epikgo Hoverboard is Sturdily Built
  • Travel on all types of terrains easily
  • With good Speed, you can take over the fellow boards without any effort
  • Excellent motor with good balance
  • Safe Ride
  • No problem of hoverboards catching fire
  • UL 2272 certified
  • EpikGo Hoverboard charger included
  • High Grip Tires


  • It has some stability issues
  • Only 10 miles per single charge
  • No battery indicator

Bottom Line

We hope this article on EpikGo Self-balancing Scooter will be helpful for you to know completely about the Epikgo Hover Board classic model. It is the cheap hoverboard at a competitive price with multiple numbers of features and specs. However, it is the safe hoverboards with a good review. The high power offers the safety and easy to balance even when you ride on hill areas. Clearly, check out all the Epikgo smart self Balancing scooter specs, features and buy the EpikGo Hoverboard. Best hoverboard for sale @ To know more about the best hoverboards you can check it out on our site,

Overall, Epikgo HoverBoard is the most powerful balance board on the market. There will be no potential fire hazards as it is UL 2272 Certified. Furthermore, you can go anywhere as it made for all-terrain purposes.

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