Razor E90 Electric Scooter for Kids – Not too fast and Not too slow!



Razor E90 Electric Scooter for Kids

Razor E90 Electric Scooter is specially designed for the Kids of age 8 years. If your kid crossed 7 years then he/ she need an Electric Scooter for enjoyment and relaxation purpose.  Are you the one who wants to give your Kid Electric Scooter? And looking for the Best Electric Scooter for your Child when compared to his/ her friends? If yes, here is an amazing and Smart Electric Scooter waiting for you. Razor electricscooter.io E90 is a combination of smooth, light-weight with stunning looks.

Electric Scooter is a funny way of transport. Most of the Kids use this Electric Scooter Razor. Razor Brand is one of the manufacturers present in Top 10 Electric Scooters List every time. If you see outside the houses, surroundings and in play grounds, kids are using these Electric Scooter.  Do you want your kid to mingle with them and do the fun rides with their friends? If yes, you need to check out the Razor Electric Scooter Reviews for E90.

Kids Electric Scooter Razor E90 – Razor Scooters

Having Electric Scooter with you and your kid is beneficial in many ways. Do you want to know the advantages/ benefits of Electric Scooter? Firstly, it saves the money. With your pocket money, you can buy the Razor Electric Scooter E90.  For the Entertainment Purpose, Razor Electric Scooter E90 is the best option for you. Participating in the competitions and playing both indoor & outdoor games are helpful for the Kids at the younger age. In your Kid’s daily games, include the Riding the Bike, then your Kid enjoy the nature and he/ she would habituate for the outside environment. Maintaining a 2 wheeled Electric Scooter is better than the maintenance of Motor Cycle/ Bike. In other words, you can save your money, i.e., less expensive, low-cost maintenance, you can save the amount of gas/ fuel that you consume for the Bikes.

Razor is one of the Best Electric Scooter manufacturers in the world. Every time it releases the models with innovative designs and thoughts. Few models in the Razor Electric Scooter for Kids are E100, E200, E300 and soon. You can see the difference for every model of the Electric Razor Scooters. The Razor Core E90 came out with the marvelous design. With its charismatic and awe-struck looks in Orange and Blue, Razor E90 Electric Scooter attracting the people especially Kids. The speed that the Razor E90 giving is 9 Miles per Hour. It is a comfortable speed for the Kids. You can get a 50 Minutes continuous ride. Coming to the quality and durability, I give 4.8/5 for Electric Scooter Razor. Razor Electric Scooter Parts such as wheels, frame, and Battery are very strong.


  • Quality and Speed
  • Durability, Safety & Comfort
  • Battery
  • Weight

What the Quality in Razor Kids Electric Scooter commits to buying it is its strongness in the material. It means the Scooter is made up of Stainless Steel Frame, tires are Polyurethane. That’s why the Razor Scooters are top graded in Quality and Strongness. If you want a smooth ride on the Razor E90 the speed is the key point. The speed is one of the important factors to say that the Razor is a Best Electric Scooter. The speed that E90 Electric Scooter Razor gives is 9 miles per hour.

The Battery is backed by 90 days, i.e., 3 months. While riding if you got any damage or met with an accident on rough areas your product will get 3 months for sure. Each and every part in Razor Electric Scooter is very strong. The Brakes that designed are meant for safety. And the Large Deck gives comfort in standing while doing a ride.

The Electric Scooter Battery for Razor E90 is 12 Volts Rechargeable Battery System. It is a 12 V Battery, so it lasts for a long time. Coming to Battery Charge and Run Time, it takes 12 hours to get a full charge. If it gets a complete charge then you can get a 50 minutes continuous ride. You just need to charge once or twice of the week. Charge it during nights so that it can charge fully without any disturbances.

The weight of E90 Razor Child Electric Scooter is 22 pounds only. If a Smart Electric Scooter is lightweight then it is very comfortable for Kids. Coming to maximum capacity, it can hold the weight upto 120 pounds. So, we can say that it is ideal for kids or children. Tires of this E90 are made of durable urethane and they ensure the smooth and quiet ride. However, it is designed to travel on the smooth surfaces only whether indoor or outdoor.


Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
31″* 14″*33″
21.75 lbs
Orange, Pink, and Blue
Product Name
Razor E90 Electric Scooter
Price/ Cost
254.25 Dollars
Recommended Age
8 and above
9 miles per hour
Maximum Weighing Capacity
120 Lbs
Type of Wheels
Urethatne Front and Rear Wheels
Kick Start Motor
Rear Foot Brake
Other Components
Push Bottle Throttle, Fork, Kick Stand

Safety Measures Using a Razor Electric E90 Scooter

  • Protect yourself from Head to Toes is the first and foremost tip for you before going to ride.
  • Wear a Helmet which will protect you from head injuries and accidents.
  • Also, wear other safety armors like heavy jackets, boots, gloves for hands and wrist guards.
  • Finally, wear Knee Pads when you go for a ride on Electric Razor E90 Scooter. If you skid on rough terrains/ hard roads.

Installation/ Fixation of Razor Scooter Electric E90

  • After buying the Razor E90 Electric Scooter, open it carefully from the package box. Next, open the User Manual/ Guide that was given along with the product.
  • Next, open the guide and read the instructions carefully.
  • If there are any fixations of wires in the E90 Razor Electric Scooter Battery, then do in the presence of your parents.
  • If there is a need for assembling then once refer the User Guide.
  • Before going for a wonderful ride with your friends, check out the assembling parts that you fixed them tightly or not.


  • Razor Scooters are top graded in Quality and Strongness
  • long time battery
  • Smart Electric Scooter is lightweight
  • Strongness in the material


  • Safe and comfortable speed on E90 Razor Scooter
  • Rear Foot Brake helps the rider to stop Electric Scooter if any big vehicle in front of them while riding
  • Razor E90 Scooter is very thin. For the rider, it is easy to carry and control the Scooter
  • Ride Time is completely 50 minutes. In a single charge, you can get a continuous and joyful ride


  • A Little bit of assembling is required
  • It is difficult to carry as it not a Foldable Electric Scooter


Keep all the Razor E90 Electric Scooter Reviews on the mind.Without leaving any of the above-provided details, check out all the information regarding E90 Razor Electric Scooter. After that buy Razor E90 kids Electric Scooter Pink/ Razor Blue E90 electric scooter Within the next minute, you become an Electric Scooter Rider. Ride on Razor E90 and live every moment of joy.

Razor E90 Electric Scooter is compact and well suited for kids of age 8+ or teenagers/adults who weigh less than 120 pounds. By taking some safety measures you can have a great ride on this E90 for about 50 minutes.

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