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Comparing the Razor Electric Scooters Power Core E90 and E200

Electric scooters are an economical, eco-friendly, and easy method of commuting between short distances. Your child will no longer be late to school with the razor electric scooters that provide faster and safer rides. We have reviewed Razor E90 and E200 models of electric scooters. This Razor E90 Vs E200 will help you to know the features to consider while making a purchase.

Razor E90 Vs E200 Features & Specs

Razor 13111416 Power Core E90 Electric Scooter imageRazor E200 13112445 Electric Scooter image
Basis of ComparisonRazor Power Core E90 Electric ScooterRazor E200 Electric Scooter
Dimensions36.15 x 20.5 x 10.25 Inches38 x 17.7 x 9 Inches
Weight38.17 pounds (9.5 kg)38.17 Pounds. (17 kg)
Minimum Age to Ride8 year13 Year
Speed10 MPH 10 MPH
Ride Time80 Minutes40 Minutes
Recharge Time12 Hours12 hours
Motor90 watts, Hub Motor200 W, Chain Drive
Battery12 V, Lead Acid24 V, Lead Acid
TiresRubber rear, Spoked Polyurethane Front tires8” Pneumatic 
Max Rider Weight holds260 Lbs220 Lbs
Frame MaterialSteelSteel
Wheel typeRubberRubber
Brake StyleHand Operated front brakeHand Operated Rear Brake
Warranty90 day90 day
Check PriceCheck Price

Difference Between Razor Power Core E90 and Razor E200 Electric Scooter


Razor E90 comes with a sleek design and is available in two colors – green and pink. Razor 200 has a full-size deck and frame and is available in 2 colors- teal and white. Both feature an all-steel frame and fork. E90 and E200 both have a retractable kickstand. Some points of difference are: E90 has foam grips and push-button throttle while E200 comes with soft rubber grips and hand-operated throttle. Whereas Razor power core E90 electric scooter has a hand-operated front brake while Razor E200 has a hand-operated rear brake.


The maximum speed offered by E90 and E200 is not the same. The maximum speed you can take on an E90 scooter is 10 mph while you can go up to 12 mph on Razor E200. This is due to dissimilar motor output in E90 (90 watts) and E200 (200 watts). The maximum range of E90 is 10 miles, and that of E200 is 8 miles.


Razor Power core E90 has better performance in terms of run time, you can use it for 80 minutes after one full charge. Whereas Razor E200 has a run time of 40 minutes only. But with a 200-watt chain-driven motor, E200 delivers high torque, extra power, and increased speed. E90 and E200 have lead-acid batteries, but power core E90 operates on one 12V battery, while E200 requires two 12 V batteries. Both electric scooters take 12 hours of charge time.


When it comes to portability Razor power core E90 is lightweight with a steel body and is compact. Razor E200 on the other hand weighs almost twice as much as Razor E90, which makes it very difficult to carry around and transport. When it comes to weight E200 comes around17 kg while E90 weighs around 9.5 kg only. But note that the Razor E200 weighs more because it is designed for a slightly older age range and has a large board that provides better comfort.


Razor E90 has a recommended age of 8 years and above, while Razor E200 is recommended for 13 years and above. So, Razor Adult E200 is engineered to carry more load, with a maximum of 154 lbs. E90 on the other hand has a maximum weight load of 120 lbs. In conclusion, Power core E90 is designed for younger kids while E200 is more suitable for older kids.


This Razor Kids electric scooter has rubber rear and spoked polyurethane front tires that provide good traction, stability, and control. The rear tire is airless and therefore flat-free. However, Razor E200 comes with 8-inch pneumatic tires and features rear-wheel drive for greater traction. Pneumatic tires give good impact protection and do not wear off quickly. You can expect tires of E200 to last longer and give more stability. Both Razor E90 and E200 are not suitable for off-roading and you may inflict serious damage to tires in attempting to do so.

Safety and Comfort

In terms of safety and comfort, Razor E200 scores better than Power core E90. As Razor E200 electric scooter has a larger frame and hence can accommodate any child easily and comfortably. Razor E200 electric scooter is also heavier, meaning it provided more stability and control as it features smoother and longer handlebars when compared to ordinary handlebars in E90.

Folding System

It is always desirable to be able to fold and store electric scooters as they can otherwise take up a lot of space. Luckily, both Razor power core E90 and E200 are foldable and can be tucked away in a corner after use.


Razor electric scooter comes with a warranty of 90 days against manufacturing defects for all their products. So, both Razor E90 and E200 have a warranty of 90 days. Warranty is not applicable for customers who intend to use the electric scooter outside of the USA or Canada.


Razor E90 and E200 have many similarities in terms of battery type, warranty, foldability, and steel frame. But one can easily note that E200 is designed for older kids with better speed, torque, stability, and weight capacity. However, Razor power core E90 excels when it comes to run-time and portability. Now, it is up to you to evaluate your priorities and make the best choice.

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