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Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter Review 2020

Are you searching for the best electric scooter to travel more comfortably at an affordable price? Here is the brand New Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter which is released recently by the Razor. Definitely, the Razor Pocket Mode Miniature scooter is the best alternative transportation for your kids. If you ride on the Razor electric scooter you can have more fun. These adult electric scooters are manufactured with the awesome features and specifications. Pocket Mod Razor Electric Scooters are portable and completely license free. Moreover, these are easy to maintain, park and assemble. Unlike the usual electric scooter for adults, the Pocket mod Razor electric scooters are 100% environment-friendly and don’t emit any emissions.  These scooter electric are also well known as Electric Bikes.

As it is a Miniature Electric Euro Scooter, let’s now what is the Pocket Mod. The normal electric scooters look simple but these Pocket Mod electric scooters look stylish and available in good colors. These Razor Pocket Mod miniature scooters have high performance and have a classic Italian design. You can easily ride nearly 10 miles before you charge the battery. The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter has a retractable center kick stand which won’t allows the scooter to tip or lean. With the Pneumatic tires, you can have a comfortable and smooth ride.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter Overview

Razor pocket mod is the most popular scooter with an infinite number of features which are not available in any other Razor Escooters. The Razor Pocker Mod Miniature Euro scooter is a big hit within the electric scooters manufactured by the Razor brand. Razor is a California based company which has designed numerous types of electric mobility scooter for adults and the pocket mod is the best one which has gained the best review.  Before you place an order for Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter check out the price, features, specifications etc. Moreover, the Razor Pocket electric scooter price is $330.48. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter for sale @ Amazon.com.

The Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter is one of the best series of the Razor scooters which is designed with the strong electric motor and gives the stylish look. Razor pocket mod is the Vintage inspired scooter which runs on a chain driven the electric motor. Surely, the children are lucky to get a ride on the Razor electric scooter with the striking features.

It will be a perfect Self Balancing electric scooter for the kids above 13+. It can bear the rider’s weight upto a  220 pounds. The most interesting thing is, it can is suitable for both parents, kids as it can hold more weight.  So, both kids and adults can have fun with Razor pocket mod electric scooter. It has a padded seat with under seat storage, Bell, and Handlebar streamers. As the tires are designed with the 12″ pneumatic rare and front wheels you can have a smooth and comfortable ride. It is possible to go for long drives on a single charge.


  • Motor and Material
  • Speed and Comfort
  • Battery
  • Brakes, Wheels and Design
  • Additional Features

To provide the high performance to the Razor pocket mod electric scooter is made with a chain-driven electric motor. The motor is the most important electric scooter part. As it is single speed, chain-driven motor there will be the maximum power transfer. Furthermore, it gives the high-performance which will be the perfect mix of utility and style. Coming to material, Pocket Mod Razor electric scooter bikes for adults has a step-through steel frame which ensures the durability.

On Razor pocket mod electric scooter you can have 40 minutes continuous ride with a velocity of 15 miles per hour. You may think that the ride time is only 40 minutes but as speed is 15 mph you can reach your destination quickly. It is easy, comfortable to ride for both kids and adults. You can save both time and energy. Noise level is light and it won’t disturb your neighbors. You can easily start the scooter by using the start button.

The razor electric scooter battery is a 24v/ two 12v. It has a lead-acid rechargeable battery system. Battery charger included with Razor Pocket mod miniature electric scooter. To charge Razor electric battery it requires 12 hours. The battery lasts for 30-45 minutes before another charge. Pocket Mod Razor electric scooter charger can charge the battery quickly. There is no need to buy the battery charger separately for this Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter as it comes with the unit itself.

The wheels subjected to tear and wear. But, it is the user’s responsibility to inspect the wheels. This Razor Pocket Mod Scooter comes with 12-inch pneumatic tires with the rear suspension system. These are strong durable and you can easily drive on rocks. It will operate smoothly on uneven surfaces. The Razor scooter has Hand-operated rear brakes. With the classic Italian scooter design, this Vintage-inspired scooter meets high-performance is stylish enough to grab the attention.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is a Vintage Mod design with a perfect mix of style and utility. Under-seat storage compartment. It has handlebar streamers, bell and available in Pink, Betty, Sweet pea, Vapor.

Front Light: It has a front light so you can easily ride comfortably even during night time.

Weight: The Razor Electric scooter bears the weight up to 170 lbs. Razor pocket mod electric scooter weight is 59 lbs.


Specification Name Value
Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter
Item model number
Product Dimensions
50 x 18.1 x 18.9 inches
51.6 pounds
90-day warranty
High torque chain driven motor
Maximum Range
15 miles per single charge
Recommended Age
Twist-grip acceleration control
12″ pneumatic rare and front

Electric Razor Scooter – Pocket Mod Scooter Features

  • Razor is designed with a High-performance Motor.
  • Can travel up to 10 miles continuously.
  • Time taken for Battery charge is 12 hours.
  • Scaled down classic scooter design.
  • Maximum operating speed is 15 miles per hour.
  • Quite drive without exhaust emissions. This is better than any other motor vehicles which release gasoline.
  • 40 Minutes continuous ride.
  • Twist grip acceleration control.
  • Kickstand and Retractable center.
  • Hand operated rear brakes.
  • Chain driven motor to provide maximum power transfer.
  • Pneumatic tires offer you a smooth ride.
  • It can bear up to 220 pounds.

Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Safety Measures

  • Don’t wear Helmet before you ride.
  • The rider must not use mobile phones when you ride.
  • Check the engine and wheel conditions properly.
  • To protect the eyes from dust wear glasses.
  • Try to ride on a clear and smooth surface.


  • Chain-driven electric motor
  • 90 day warranty
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Hand operated rear brake
  • Retractable center mount kickstand


  • Large 12″ pneumatic tires
  • Long lasting and more durable
  • The motor runs quietly with minimum noise
  • It can withstand the heavy use
  • Decent battery life
  • Included battery charger
  • Electric scooters repairs and maintenance is low
  • Convenient to park
  • Pocket Mod Electric Razor scooter chargers work efficiently
  • Ideal packing
  • Storing items
  • These are easy to operate by kids
  • Retractile Kickstand so you can conveniently park it anywhere


  • Low Battery life
  • Heavy weight
  • Difficult to pump the pocket mod electric scooter tires
  • Assembly required
  • Takes more time to charge


We hope this article will be helpful for you to know completely about the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter. Check out the electric motor scooters features, specifications before you buy Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter. As the Razor is the most popular brands to buy electric scooters we can say that this Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric scooter will be definitely the best choice for you.

All in one, Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is stylish and will definitely delight every young girl who has an eye for fashion. So, if you are looking for a stylish and comfortable electric scooter then this Pocket Mod will be a perfect choice.

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