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Segway Minipro HoverBoard Review 2022

Are you searching for the best Segway board? Then, here is the ultimate self-balancing electric scooter, which is nothing but the Segway Minipro HoverBoard. The miniPRO Hoverboard allows you to interact with the environment than any other 2 wheeler. The Segway manufactures the Segway Hoverboard with the most interesting and fantastic features. The mini Segway is the hands-free 2 wheel self-balancing scooter with the most innovative cut edges. Segway mini pro-smart self-balancing personal transporter with mobile app control is a perfect lightweight vehicle for individual transportation. Scroll down this page and check out the mini pro-Hoverboard Segway review specifications, features, how much is a Hoverboard Segway, etc.

The two-wheel scooter with the Hoverboard technology is the Segway, and none can match the Segway brand standards. Minipro Segway Hoverboard is the much better than any other usual ordinary Hoverboards. As the Hoverboard Segway are designed with the most advanced technology, you can ride safely and easier on the Hoverboard, and you can reach the destination quickly. The Segway HoverBoards can be afforded by anyone easily. Latest Ninebot by Segway Minipro hoverboard for sale is ready for you @

Segway Minipro HoverBoard

Before you buy any product, it is mandatory to completely check the features and specifications to know the product completely. So, let’s discuss the top features of the Mini Pro Hoverboard. The Mini pro sensors allow you to ride smoothly on the indoor and outdoor terrains. MiniPro Segways knee control bar provides the steering precision, which ensures you to ride effectively than any other two-wheelers Hover Board.

It is certified by UL 272, which ensures the standards of fire safety and electricity requirements. Segway MiniPro hoverboard is not only UL 272 certified but also integrated with the Segway phone app and Ninebot. So, you can access the premium functions and features easily. The most interesting thing is, you can control the miniPro Hoverboard without riding it. From the mobile apps, you can view the LED lighting, dashboard performance, alarm security, tamper-proof, etc.

The Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing scooter has a stylish look with an aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame. The 10.5″ pneumatic Tires are completely absorbed and resist the shocks better than the common Hoverboards’ solid smaller tires. You can ride on MonoPro Segway at a top speed of 10 MPH, and the Battery range is upto 14 miles. The most important hoverboard part is the engine, and th Segway Hoverboard is designed with an 800-watt High-performance engine.

The maximum battery range may vary depending upon the rider’s weight and riding surfaces. It has the anti-theft feature and phone app control, which is a safety feature. It is completely road adaptive to overcome obstacles. You can safely ride during the day as well as night time. You can comfortably stand on the Seaway Hoverboard with its custom fit feature.


  • 10.5″ Pneumatic Tires and Precision Steering Knee Bar
  • 10 mph Maximum Speed and Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Easy to Ride and Road Adaptive
  • Anti Theft and Phone App Control
  • Reliable Safety for Night Rides & Custom Fit for Comfort
  • Aircraft Grade Magnesium Alloy Frame

1. 10.5″ Pneumatic Tires and Precision Steering Knee Bar

The Segway miniPro has a 10.5″ air-filled, large tires that allow you to have a smooth and comfortable ride in indoor and outdoor terrains. With the refined thread on the tires it minimizes reinforces and skidding traction. It can keep the riders stable and safe on the road. The Segway Minipro HoverBoard has a knee control bar and ensures the riders to operate the Hoverboard precisely. You can individually turn the foot by gently pressing the Segway Kneebar. The rider can adjust the Knee control bar height to fit comfortably.

2. 10 mph Maximum Speed and Bluetooth Remote Control

If you once charge the battery, you can travel up to 14 miles continuously. It operates at a maximum speed of 10MPH, and it can slope upto 15 degrees. Moreover, it can bear the rider’s weight up to 220 lbs. Speed limit controllers are also available. Mini Segway self Balancing scooters with Bluetooth is easy to operate. You can operate the Segway two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter with the integrated mobile app or the Bluetooth remote control. You can fully turn completely in both directions.

3. Easy to Ride and Road Adaptive

There is no need for you to practice hours together. You can easily ride on the miniPro hoverboard like an expert. The precision sensor captures all the body movements to maintain balance. The Knee control bar allows you to operate more conveniently. Generally, the humps, slopes, uneven surfaces will obstruct your ride or stop completely. But, these miniPRO high-performance motor and 10.5″ tires handle the obstacles easily.

4. Anti Theft and Phone App Control

The Ninebot app is compatible with the miniPro. You can adjust the light colors, upgrade firmware, safety features, and even control the miniPro with the remote. The safety feature is the anti-theft alarm. If someone tries to steal your Hoverboard, then automatically you will get a phone alert. It can easily manage the traverse 15° slopes 3.5-inch chassis converts the vibrations and bumps to smooth ride.

5. Reliable Safety for Night Rides & Custom Fit for Comfort

With the LED lights, you can effectively ride on the miniPro Segway. These lights can be customized easily. The brightness of the headlight can be adjusted up to 5 meters. These LED light have more than 16 million taillights color options. The Segway smart design has the custom fit for maximum comfort. The knee control pad maximizes flexibility for smooth turning. You can adjust the height so that it will be comfortable for any rider. PU foam provides the grip and offers comfort for long rides on the Hoverboard.

6. Aircraft Grade Magnesium Alloy Frame

Segways have become the lightweight solid and more durable vehicle due to its alloy frame. Magnesium alloy is more flexible and provides good shock absorption performance. The special corrosion-resistant material which passes the salt spray test is completely resistant free.



  • Manufacturer : Segways
  • Item model number : 99997-00003
  • Color : Black
  • Charge Time : 4 Hours
  • Wheel Size : 26 Centimeters
  • Number of Wheels : 2
  • Nominal Capacity : 310Wh
  • Maximum Speed : 10 MPH
  • Product Dimensions : 10.3 x 21.4 x 34 inches
  • Weight : 37 pounds

MiniPro Segway Hover Boards Benefits

  • Easily you can learn how to ride.
  • You can connect it to the Bluetooth phone app.
  • Road adaptive engineering.
  • Transport ready and comfortable.
  • Touch mobility.
  • Portal rider.
  • Multiple safety controls.
  • Provides comfort with the ergonomic fit.
  • Anti-theft security alarm.
  • Customised LED lights.

MiniPRO Segway HoverBoard Features – Self Balancing Smart Electric Scooter

  • You can ride on hoverboard Segway at a maximum rate of 10 MPH.
  • Padded knee control bar.
  • It comes with an 800-watt double engine.
  • Segway Hover has 5″ vacuum tires.
  • Soft pads offer maximum comfort to the kids.
  • The Segway charge time is 2-3 hours.
  • Bluetooth remote control.
  • Its weight is 28 pounds, and it is one of the lightweight Hoverboards.
  • You can connect the Segway mini pro to your smartphone.
  • It is UL 2272 certified.
  • Detect nearby riders.
  • Precision steering.
  • Segway MiniPro Hoverboard comes with LED lights.
  • Anyone above 16+ can use this electric scooter.
  • It bears the maximum load upto 220 lbs/ 99.7 kgs.


We have provided the complete info about the Segway MiniPRO HoverBoard review, specifications, features, and price here. If you observe all the mini Segway Hover Board mini pro electric scooter, you will place an order at Online @ Among all the latest Hoverboards, the Segway miniPRO is the best one that is manufactured by Ninebot. The electric scooter ride is also so funny and entertaining. So, you can also check the top 10 electric scooters on our site

Segway 99997-00003 miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporterwith Mobile App Control image

All in one, Segway Minipro HoverBoard is the Smartest Self Balancing Electric Scooter. If once you get connected to the mobile app through the Bluetooth option on the hoverboard, you can get access to its full features. Furthermore, it is light-weight, durable, and safe from fire or electrical hazards.


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