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Super Lithium 1300 Brushless Electric Scooter Review 2020

Do you wish to save the renewable sources and protect the environment from harmful emissions? Then, once think about the Super Lithium Electric Scooter 1300. Yes, this best lithium scooter is environment-friendly, the best means of transportation and Inexpensive to drive. With the rise in fuel price, increasing concern towards the environment and global warming the Electric scooters demand also increasing day by day. You can enjoy the ride on the electric motor scooters and also you can reach the destination is very less time. As the electric scooters run on battery there is no need for burning fuels. These vehicles do not make noise when you operate. So, these are very comfortable and peaceful to drive.

Best Super Lithium Scooters for Sale

The Super Cycle and scooters have recently designed the best electric scooter with awesome in-built features. Super Lithium 1300 brushless electric scooter is the fastest compact electric scooter at a low price. The Super scooter is built with the more efficient brushless motor that consumes less electricity and results in the long-distance rides. The Super Lithium 1300 Electric Scooters use a 48v/ 12ah LifePo4 battery which can maximize the brushless motor speed. You can ride on the Super scooter at a maximum speed of 28 MPH. It comes with a bright LED light which ensures the safe ride during night time.

The Super Adult electric scooter maintenance is also very easy and all the electric scooter parts are designed with the innovative technology. With the folding feature, it is very flexible to fold and carry. The Super Electric scooters are available in Black, silver and blue. As this 1300w electric scooter comes with a seat you can adjust the seat as per your convenience. After you see these features if you want to buy Super scooter just place an order. New Super electric scooters for sale @ 

super cycle and scooter 1300 FEATURES

  • Design (Motor, Material, Storage Bag)
  • Battery
  • Safety and comfort
  • Other Features

The advantage of the Super Lithium 1300 electric scooter is it has the latest brushless motor which ensures the long battery life. As the Super Turbo Electric scooter is completely made of High tensile steel and ensures the high durability and long life. The super fast electric scooter has a storage bin which can be used by the rider to store the required items such as water, food, etc.

The Super electric scooter for adults street legal comes with a powerful battery i.e, 48v 12ah LifePo4 Lithium with 1000 Charge Cycles. As it runs on the battery is mandatory to check the battery specifications. The time taken to charge the full battery is 6-8 hours. Once you completely charge the battery you can travel a maximum 21 miles. he controller operates smart power of 48 volts.

It is user-friendly and 100% environment-friendly. It fits for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Innovative Twist throttle, Ultra Wide Tires, and Dual Rear shocks provide much more comfort. The Super lithium electric scooter seat is also so convenient for all individuals. High quality LED lights offers more comfort when you go for the night rides. You can adjust the scooter as per your convenience.

  • Weight: The super electric scooter overall weight is 70 lbs and the shipping weight is 84 lbs. Moreover, the electric scooter can bear maximum rider weight upto 350 lbs.
  • Speed: It has a maximum speed of 34 MPH and you can reach the destination in less time.
  • Wheels and Brakes: To have smooth run the wheels are made of aluminum Mag Rim. The brakes are also so important to avoid accidents. So, the front and rear brakes are disc/ caliper. The electric scooter tire size is 4.10 ax 350 ax 4 ” inch.

Super 48v electric scooter SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Super Cycles and scooters
Lithium 1300
Product Dimensions
46 x 12 x 42 inches
70 pounds
180 days
22-28 MPH
Maximum range
21 miles on full charge
Battey charge Time
6-8 hours
Charge cycles
1000 charge cycles
Front and Rear Disc
Wheels/ Tires
4.10 ax 350 ax 4 ”
High Tensile Steel
Electric Scooter Weight
70 lbs
Holds Maximum Rider Weight upto

Super Lithium 48v/ 1300 Watt Electric Scooter Features

  • Super Electric scooters have a maximum speed of 34 MPH.
  • With the Fully charged battery, you can travel 21 miles.
  • It holds a maximum rider weight of 350 lbs.
  • It has a folding option.
  • The electric scooters are made up of high tensile steel material.
  •  It comes with a warranty of 180 days.
  • Highly efficient 1300 WATT dc brushless motor with 48v/ 3500 rpm motor.
  • The Super electric scooter has a 48v lithium (LifePo4) battery and has the 1000 charge cycles.
  •  4.10 ax 350 ax 4 ” Terrain Tires.

Electric Mobility Scooter Rider Safety Measures

Before you start riding the super turbo 1300 brushless lithium you must inspect the electric scooter/ e-bike properly. It is the responsibility of the individuals to adjust, tighten the bolts and nuts. However, it is mandatory to wear helmet, elbow, gloves and Knee pads.


  • High Quality LED Headlight
  • Innovative Twist Throttle with Battery LED Lights
  • High-tensile Steel
  • Dual Rear Shocks


  • Most advanced Battery
  • Super electric scooters are foldable
  • High-performance Brushless motor
  • Holds good capacity i.e, 350 lbs
  • Electric scooters repairs are frequent
  • Maintenance is cheap
  • Get the large removable storage bag


  • Expensive and worthful


We hope this  Super 1800 watt 48v brushless lithium electric scooter review and buying will be helpful for you to have a clear idea about the Best Selling Brushless Electric Scooter in market. These Super electric scooters are more convenient, portable to use. The electric scooters are manufactured separately for different age groups such as teenagers, adults, kids, etc. The Super Lithium electric scooters for adults is specially designed for the people above 18 years. As this Super electric scooter comes with advanced braking systems ensure safety. You can easily ride on brushless scooter in the indoor areas also. Moreover, the size and weight make the navigation easy and safe. Purchasing the best electric scooter will be worthful if you know the specifications and features. So, if you are looking for the high-end adult electric scooter buy Super Lithium Electric Scooter without any doubt.  

With its special features, Super Lithium 1300 Brushless Electric Scooter stood as one of the best electric scooters in the market. Dual Rear Shocks and Ultra Wide Tires are the added benefits of this product which gives you a ride without any trouble.

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