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Swagtron Swagger Pro Adult Electric Scooter Review 2020

Do you want to enjoy the gentle wind in the morning while you are traveling to your work place/ College? It is not possible with the normal Motor vehicles. So, immediately get the brand new Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter. It is the funniest means of transportation at an affordable price. The Swagtron has manufactured the brand best electric scooter with awesome in-built features which is nothing but Swagger Pro. Swagtron Swagger folding electric scooter is the worlds lightest carbon fiber powered electric scooter launched by Swagtron.

Swagtron swagger collapsible electric scooter is a powerful vehicle which is designed with the most advanced technology. A ride on the adult electric scooter can make you fit with out any exercises. Apart from all these, the most beneficial thing is the Swagtron electric motor scooter is completely eco-friendly and just runs on battery. The Swagtron Swagger Pro electric mobility scooter is designed with the latest art technology which is superior to any other brands in the market. It Swagger Pro is the improved version of electric scooters with an upgraded mileage.

Riding on the Swagger Pro is so convenient and exceptionally cheap. Just you need to recharge the battery to ride and no need of any gasoline. These adult electric scooters have the high power and weight tolerance units.  To add more fun to your weekend you can ride on SWAGTRON  Swagger Pro. Any individual can operate the electric scooter easily. The Latest Swagger electric scooters for sale @ Amazon.com. Before you place an order it is mandatory check out the specifications, features, Price, Warranty etc. So, just scroll down this page and find all the interesting features of Swagger electric scooters for adults.

Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter Overview

The latest Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter is a Powerful adult electric scooter which is made up of carbon fiber frame. As Swagger Pro electric scooter Adult is light weight it weights up to 250 lbs. The maximum time to charge the full battery is 1.5 hours. To provide the high performance the Swagtron Swagger electric scooter has an inbuilt 250w motor which contributes travel range upto 18 miles. The Swagger Pro Adult electric scooter maximum speed is 16 miles/hour. On the dashboard of Swagtron Swagger Pro Scooter, you can check the current speed and also the battery life. Coming to the swagtron swagger pro folding electric scooter price is $399.99 which is affordable for anyone.

When compared to the Swagger earlier models, this Swagger Pro has an improved battery system. The scooters battery uses 24 volts Li ion battery. The latest UL2272 certified technology protects the scooter from the hazards such as over charging, short circuit etc. Swagtron Swagger  Pro adult scooter electric dimensions are  39.37″ x 36.2″ x 15.9″. The Swagger lightest carbon Fiber powered electric scooter is available in pink, black and white colors.


  • Durability, Safety, and Comfort
  • Battery
  • Other Features

The total body and electric scooter parts are made of Carbon Fiber material. It ensures long durability and lasts long without any damage. It has an efficient braking system, you can avoid collisions and accidents with other vehicles. Swagger Pro won’t produce any emissions and is 100% electric. This is not only good for you but also saves the environment. Also, in just a couple of clicks, you can fold it and store it easily.

The swagtron swagger electric scooter battery is 24v/ 3800 mAh Lithium-ion Battery. Moreover, the battery charging is also so easy. The electric battery is good enough to provide 15 miles coverage with a full charge. Time taken to charge the battery is 1.5 hours which is faster than any other adult electric scooters. Many of the electric scooters out there take upto 5 to 12 hours to charge completely. So, isn’t the Swagtron Swagger fast? Furthermore, from the dashboard itself, you can check the battery life and speed.

  • The Best electric scooter street legal has an LED light so that you can go safely even during night time. Moreover, it is UL2272 certified and built in cruise control system.
  • Motor: The is 250W high-performance motor with neodymium magnets along with NSK ball bearings very powerful and offers maximum speed upto 18 miles.
  • Weight: Swagtron Swagger Adult electric scooter holds the maximum rider weight upto 250 lbs. The Swagtron Pro Electric scooter weighs about 17.5 lbs and anyone can easily handle.
  • Speed: It has an extended 5-18 mile range with which you can ride more than before.


Specification Name Value
Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter
Item model number
Product Dimensions
39.4 x 15.9 x 36.2 inches
Item Weight
16 pounds
1 Year
Carbon Fiber
Battery Charging Time
1.5 Hours
250 Watt Motor
Run Time
18 Miles
Number of Gears
Electric Scooter Weight
17.5 lbs
Holds Maximum Weight upto
250 lbs
Accessories Include
Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter and Owner’s manual

Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter Features

  • Extended Range: You can ride upto maximum 5-18 miles.
  • Folds Easily: Easily fold and carry it easily.
  • Faster than Ever: It is faster than any other and you can ride with a maximum speed of 16 MPH.
  • Eco-friendly: 100% Eco-Friendly.
  • Battery Life: On board, an indicator to check the Battery life.
  • The 24V lithium ion rechargeable battery provides 15 miles range.
  • High strength and durable due to its carbon fiber frame.
  • As it is UL 2272 certified it ensures a comfortable ride.
  • Swagtron swagger high-speed adult electric scooter holds a maximum weight up to 250 lbs.
  • For easy transportation and storage, it is built with Collapsible frame and removable handles.
  • Handbrake and Footbrake provide the scooter rider safety.
  • The Swagger Pro adult electric scooter is built with 3 gearing levels and cruise control and offers a precise control over the speed.
  • To keep the scooter upright you can use the retractable kickstand.

Saftey Guidelines to Ride on Swagtron Swagger Collapsible Electric Scooter

  • It is better not to carry any items when you ride.
  • Do not ride on a rainy day because it may skid.
  • Better not to ride a long distance at high speed.
  • Be careful at the turnings.
  • Must not stop or start suddenly.
  • Avoid riding on stones and narrow spaces.
  • Kids, pregnant women must not ride on Swagtron.
  • Swagtron swagger ultra light foldable carbon fiber electric scooter supports only one person and is not recommended for more than one.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Folds Easily
  • LCD display
  • Advanced battery management system
  • Faster than ever


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • With Detachable handles, you can easily fold electric scooter
  • Light weight
  • Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter is UL2272 Certified
  • Swagtron swagger collapsible electric scooter review is good
  • LCD display which displays the battery life
  • LED headlight to have a safe ride during night time
  • Long rides are so convenient with the built in cruise control system


  • Front and Rear brakes are not so smooth
  • The ride may be a little bit jerky
  • Swagtron swagger electric scooter battery replacement is somewhat difficult
  • Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter front wheel creates a problem when you turn


In this article, we have provided the complete information about the Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter. Carefully refer all the specifications, feature, price etc. Then, you can easily know about the entire Swagger Pro electric scooter details. We can say that this adult electric scooter is cost efficient, eco-friendly and light weight. It is suitable for the small distance rides and surely worth investments.

Overall, Swagtron Swagger Pro is the best electric scooter for adults which is more efficient and fun riding. There are numerous features to say that this is the perfect one in the market. Buy now and find a unique way to commute.

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