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Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter Review 2020

Are you looking for cheap, convenient and funny means of transportation? Then, the Evo boards Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter with the seat is the best choice for you. This Uberscoot electric scooter with seat specially designed for the adults/ youngsters/Teenagers which is also called as an Adult electric scooter. If your university is too long and difficult to move on corridors then get this best electric scooters from UBERSCOOT, so that it will be convenient for you.

Moreover, you can ride the 1000Watt UberScoot Electric scooters in indoor areas like shopping malls, house etc. The UBERSCOOT electric scooter is the best alternative to cover long distance when you don’t have a Motor Vehicle. Best and cheap electric scooters can be used for both long and distance traveling. So, have a look at the UberScoot 1000Watt/36V Electric Scooter Reviews, Image of Uberscoot electric scooter 1000watt below.

Riding an Electric UBERScoot scooter for Adults will make you feel like skiing on land. UberScoot Electric scooters will offer an infinite number of benefits to the end user. A most beneficial feature of this UBER Electric scooter is, it is completely Environment-friendly. With this adult electric scooters, you can save non-renewable resources like Petrol, gasoline, Diesel etc. As the Uberscoot foldable electric scooter for adults runs on the Battey, you create a 100% pollution free environment.

The fast Electric Scooter is far better than the heavy Motor Vehicles, Bikes. The majority of the population are using the Motor vehicles which release smoke. This smoke released from these Motor vehicles is very hazardous to our lives as well as Environment. The Pollution levels are increasing day by day. Now, it’s the duty of every individual to stop using the Motor vehicles. The UberScoot Electric Scooters are so cheap which can be afforded by everyone.

The Electric Scooters maintenance cost is also so low and it is affordable. So, get a 1000W Uber Scoot Electric cycle and start protecting the Environment. Before that, scroll down this page and check out the Uber Scoot 1000w 36v Electric Scooter Price, Specifications, and features. You can also find the Warnings, Accessories, Maintenance, Installation process etc. The latest electric scooters for sale is available @ Amazon.com.

UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter for Adults – Overview

UberScoot is the One of the most popular Electric Scooter manufacturing company in States. The 1000w UBER scooter electric has a stylish look with a leather seat which is so comfortable to travel long distances. The Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter by Evo Powerboards is the Best Electric scooter at Low price. This Uber electric motor Scooters looks good in green color.

The Uberscoot 1000 watt black electric scooter is recommended for the Age above 12 years. Evo boards are made of advanced leap technology. The UberScoot Electric Scooter Dimensions are 1,250 x 250 x 1,100mm (LXWXH). With its innovative features, it makes all the other electric mobility scooters brands obsolete. To have a clear view of the scooter you can watch Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter video below.

The 1000w 36V Uber Scoot is an ultimate long distance traveling vehicle which is available Online Stores @ Amazon. It weighs only 34 kgs and comes with easy lock and up/ down folding system which allows you to carry or store easily. Standard features of the ergonomically friendly UberScoot electric Scooter adult includes, easy to remove seat with the 90/60-6.5 street tires. These strategical street tires ensure hours of safe and smooth riding comfort. Coming to the Uber Scoot 100W electric mobility scooter for adults battery is the 36V lithium battery. On this page, you can also find the Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter by Evo Powerboards reviews.


  • Motor, Wheels, and Brakes
  • Battery and Speed
  • Impressive holding capacity, Saftey and Comfort

The motor of the UberScoot electric scooter for adults street legal is noise-free. Performance is also high and serves for a long time. The rear and front tires of the UberScoot Electric scooter are 10″ Pneumatic Street Tires. To have the maximum safety you can use both rear and front disc brakes. The steel body makes it more durable than any other scooters available in the market. This material lasts long.

The UberScoot 100w Battery power is 1000 watts. You can cover upto 10 miles per every full charge. It can cover 10 miles per charge. The battery has a 250 life cycle. To fully charge the battery it takes only 4-8 hours. If you once completely charge the battery you can continuously travel 10 miles. The Uber Scootelectric scooter bikes for adults speed is 25 mph and you can easily reach your destination in a short time period.

However, the scooter is heavy as it weighs 79 pounds. But, you can easily handle and balance it while riding. It balances weight upto 265 pounds. The efficient tires and wheels give you the best riding experience. As the seat is made of soft material you can feel comfortable. You can easily adjust the height of the seat. Also, with the kickstand, you can easily park this UBER SCOOT Electric scooter anywhere with less effort.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter
Item Weight
89 pounds
60 Days

UberScoot 1000Watt Electric Scooter Benefits

  • Compared to other adult electric scooters the Uber has enough speed at short distance.
  • On single Battery charge, you can cover a long distance.
  • Smooth ride without noise and high-performance Motor.
  • Ultra tight Brake.
  • Large Tire for safety ridings.
  • Deck and seat make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the ride.
  • Electric scooter weight helps to run balance easily.
  • Electric scooter parts can be fixed easily.
  • To save the Battery power, you can use economy mode button.

UberScoot 1000W/36V Electric Scooter Design Features

  • The Uber Sccot brakes are ventilated 140 mm front and rear disc brakes.
  • It has Water Resistant digital controller.
  • Multi function speedometer is also available.
  • One touch exchangeable battery with the ability to upgrade.
  • Optimized quick seat installation and removal.
  • For easy folding, you can one touch folding lever.
  • Low center gravity for ultra stability.

1000w UberScoot Electric Scooter Accessories

  • Hand Guards.
  • Road Tyres.
  • Leather Seat.
  • Hydraulic Brake Kit.
  • 36V lithium Battery Kit.
  • Upgraded sports motor.
  • Controller System.
  • Road Legal lighting Kit.

UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter Recommendations

  • As this Scooter has a maximum speed of 25mph which is too fast for the users below 12 years.
  • Be careful while charging the Battery because it may be damaged.

UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards Mainataince and Installation

  • You have to follow the user guide instructions while you assemble and re assemble the Electric Scooter.
  • To ensure the safety of the UberScoot Scooter you need must tighten the bolts and nuts after you assemble or Reassemble.
  • It is better to ride an Electric scooter on smooth surfaces/ roads.
  • If the case of Electric scooters repairs, check maintenance/ Services.


  • Foldable
  • 60 Days Warranty
  • Large Size Deck
  • Electric scooter board is also comfortable


  • 25mph speed ensures fast riding
  • A battery cycle of UBER SCOOT Electric Scooter is 250 which is a long life
  • 10″ Tire provide a better balance even in curved tracks or Roads
  • Offers Maximum safety with the Disc Brakes of UBER Scoot
  • The Soft Seat provides comfort
  • Electric scooter board is also comfortable
  • Large Size Deck
  • Tension free Ride with a 60-day warranty


  • 10 miles range is somewhat in sufficient

Bottom Line

On this page, we have provided the complete info about the Uberscoot 1000w/36V scooter electric features, specifications, price etc. And we hope this UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter review will be useful for you to have a clear about the product. Moreover, the Uberscoot is the best seated electric scooter for adults to experience a joyful ride.

All together, Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter is a powerful unit that satisfies all your transportation needs. It is reliable, stable, stylish and with all these features you can get this electric scooter at a cheap price only.

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